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I have had TMJ disorder for ten years now. I was extremely nervous when I started the process of seeking treatment with a new doctor in Little Rock. I have not always had positive experiences with TMJ doctors, so Dr. Larsen was honestly an answer to my prayers! Nine months after my treatment began at Arkansas TMJ Center, my migraines have stopped occurring, my neck pain has gone away, and I have full range of motion in my jaw! Thank you Dr. Larsen!

Tara Moser
Little Rock, AR

Dr. Larson has helped me tremendously over the years with my TMJ issues. Instead of presenting one option, he laid out all the possible treatment choices and allowed me to question each one. I’ve been to other “TMJ” specialists that present their “silver bullet” and get annoyed when you question their methods. With Dr. Larson, you get the feeling that you are member of his family and his suggested treatment options are truly in your best in interest.

Eric Herzberg